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Absynth in the news

The following articles have showcased Absynth Biologics (please note that we are not responsible for the content of external websites).

1. BBSRC Leaflet. Jan 2008. Issue: Tackling ‘Superbugs’
New companies take up the fight. Absynth Biologics.
p. 14. “… a unique group of surface-exposed proteins of S. aureus … are good novel targets for a vaccine and for prophylactic or therapeutic antibodies control of infection … The research findings are being taken towards clinical application by ABsynth Biologics.”

Get a copy at: http://www.bbsrc.ac.uk/publications/corporate/bioscience_behind_superbugs.pdf

General enquiries or comments about the material included in this leaflet contact: external.relations@bbsrc.ac.uk

2. BBSRC business. Jul 2007. Spin out sets to tackle MRSA.
p. 12. “Through underpinning BBSRC-funded research we have identified a unique pool of immunological targets, with esential roles in cellular physiology and pathogenicity … Absynth Biologics gives an exciting opportunity to translate our basic research into real clinical application”

Get a copy at: http://www.bbsrc.ac.uk

3. Helix - Bioscience cluster news from Yorkshire Forward. May 2007.
Issue 07. ABsynth Biologics: Spin out company battles superbug.
p. 2. “The concept (Absynth Biologics) uses an immunological approach to target a novel set of proteins ... important for the growth and/or pathogenesis of the bacterium …”

Enquiries to Dr Danielle Hankin – Yorkshire Forward Bioscience Cluster manager.

4. BBSRC Follow-On Funding. Jan 2007. Case study: Spin out set to tackle MRSA (“Absynth”).



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