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Research & Development

Absynth has two lead R&D programs:

Vaccines and therapeutic antibodies against S. aureus.  Further non-confidential information on these programs can be obtained by downloading the presentation below.

Vaccine development

Absynth’s lead vaccine candidate is PheP, an integral membrane protein of S. aureus that we have found to be critical to MRSA pathogenesis in animal models.  Peptides derived from PheP have been shown to raise an antibody response in mice and protect them against both sceptic arthritis and kidney abscesses when challenged with S. aureus.

Evaluation and optimisation of further vaccine candidates is currently underway.

Monoclonal antibody development

Monoclonal antibodies to a range of essential protein targets in S. aureus have been raised.   Antibodies to PheP and the membrane protein CauL, have been shown to specifically recognise S. aureus and inhibit the growth of the organism in vitro.  In a phagaocytosis assay with human neutorophils, these antibodies have also been shown to opsonise S. aureus. Protection experiments, to demonstrate passive transfer with these antibodies, are currently underway.

A further range of antibodies are currently being characterised and tested.

The future

Absynth Biologics will shortly be embarking on a pre-clinical development program for optimised vaccines and antibodies developed in these programs.
We are also interested in discussing our results in more detail with potential investors and partners in order to maximise the future commercial potential of this work.



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